Learning To Let Go (And Longboard)

I forgot to mention this little tidbit about my summer, but I’ve taken up a new hobby: longboarding. Me! Riding a longboard! Can you imagine that?

Now this was a challenge, let me tell you. First off, despite having played-unsuccesfully mind you- every sport underneath the sun (even horseback riding and tap dancing made the list), I am not the most athletically inclined. I come from a family of athletes, my friends are athletes, and we watch athletes on the television doing their thing all the time. And yet, I still would rather cheer and spectate than actually kick the ball or jump over a bar.

The second reason longboarding + Maddie seemed like such an unlikely equation, is that I’m one of the most unbalanced person I know. Some may argue that this is all in my head, a negative mindset that can be overcome with yoga, meditation, and eating fruits and vegetables. But at the end of the day my mind is still spinning with thoughts of college, the fight I had with my mom, the article I read on dying bees, and not to mention counting how many bowls of ice cream I really ate if I’m being honest with myself.

Needless to say, I seek balance and stability in my life, but I’m still seeking as we speak.

So, with that in mind, how in the world did I end up on a rolling piece of wood, steering my way over sticks and rocks in the road?


Sometimes, as I’m flying down a decline and the board begins to shake and quiver with the speed, I ask myself that very question.

But I think I have the answer, finally. My love for longboarding isn’t only because I look/feel badass while doing it. My love for longboarding stems from the fact that it takes immense faith to step on the board. It numbs my worried-anxious-control freak self enough to say, “CHILL OUT, DUDE. RELAX. LIVE A LITTLE. S U R R E N D E R.”

When I step onto that board, I am focused. I am determined. I have to focus on my faith, surrendering to every little “what-if” scenario, surrendering to the universe, and most importantly, surrendering to gravity. You know why I have to do this?

Because my only other option is to freak out and crash.

In closing, my lesson for you is to let go. You won’t find that stability you seek by staying grounded. Sometimes, you have to hop on the board, ignore the scary wobbly feeling, and focus on having faith.

Barely bruised and still a badass,


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