40 lbs of Taco Meat

I am still reeling in the events of the weekend, and also thankful for the new readers I gained (and my old, day-one supporters as well). If you haven’t already heard, I graduate from high school in less than two weeks, and the world is one blur of finals, anxiety, essays, tissues, projects, and fun.

On top of that, I have bigger things to think about, such as the color of my nails, the dress I’m wearing underneath my robe, and my brother’s secretive “graduation present” which has been in concoction for months.

Stressed, a mess, but blessed = my motto for the last few weeks.

That in mind, I have a huge check off my to-do list, even though the giant white canopy tent is still tied down in my backyard. My graduation party was a success, thanks to 80 degree sunshine, 40 lbs of taco meat (6 lbs of guacamole alone), and an entire book of pictures from the photo booth.

My transformed backyard.

But in order to produce the 80 degree weather, taco bar, and photo booth, we needed a lot of assistance from strong boys, caffeine, planning, and God. You can’t go wrong with that combo, but even the tallest cup of coffee couldn’t calm my household on Saturday morning as we all ran around like frantic maniacs.

Luckily, the first help began arriving around 9 am, and some of our stress was passed along to these poor unfortunate souls. I watched the tent being assembled, along with the sixty chairs, tables, and decorations. I watched my dad finish up last-minute yard work. I watched my grandma spoon out dozens of bowls of sour cream, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and spicy salsa. And I watched my mother run around everyone, making sure everything was up to standard.

And what was I doing, other than watching from my air-conditioned top-floor window? Hyperventilating, tearing up, and praying.

But, by this point in my life, I have managed to do all three things at once while still curling my hair, doing my makeup, and getting dressed for the occasion. Who said we don’t learn anything in high school?!

Before I knew it, I found myself sitting peacefully (but exhausted) at 9 pm, with faded lipgloss, a plate of nacho cheese, and surrounded by gifts and envelopes. It was as if I blinked and missed the party. I was so busy worrying about small details, mingling with old friends, and shaking hands that I forgot how fast time flies.

One of the photo strips of my wonderful mother and I, barely sane

And so, in my final week of high school, I am doing my best to keep my eyes open, because one blink and its over.

Holding on,


PS: We have leftover food if you need any..

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