The Day of Prom…

The day of prom began before dawn,
my energetic dog must have forgot
that I wouldn’t be sleeping all night long.

I woke in chaos, tangled and blurry,
but today is prom, why should I be worried?

Prom is fun, full of dancing and food.
Silk dresses, fake tans, eyelashes with glue.

Prom is about the pictures, teetering heels, and finding a date, red punch, flowers with pins, and dancing not-so-great.

But who am I kidding? Prom is a mess.
I’m hungry, I’m cranky, and there’s a stain on my dress.

My moms on the phone, with the florist or the tailor. I can’t find my earrings, my shoes, or my razor.

My date keeps texting me,
asking what time to come over.
It’s not like I’ve told him seven times already.. I’m losing my composure.

But wait just a minute,
tears aren’t for this day.
Especially when I’ve got an hour worth of makeup underway.

This is my “I’m smiling through the pain look”

I will survive my last day of prom,
I’m a senior after all, we were built to be strong.

Eighteen years prepared us for this night,
and we’ve been told over and over that our futures are bright.

So let’s make some memories,
and enjoy the party,
because there are some of us who will look at prom pictures until they’re forty.

Good luck to my fellow friends, take a deep breath; it’ll be alright.

A merry prom to all, and to all a good night.



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