An Open Letter to Those Who Have Blocked Me

Dear _________ ,

I would like to personally address this to you, but I’m sure you know who you are.

Thank you for still reading my blog, that actually does mean a lot to me. I would just like to start off by saying that while you may have blocked my Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Hotmail, Pinterest, MySpace (etc etc etc) account, it takes a lot of courage to open this tab and refresh the page.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be Miss Innocent either, I’ve hit the block/mute button myself. Doing this for reasons such as creepy, threatening, disgusting, or straight up annoying is an okay way to rid yourself of negative energy in my opinion.

We live in a time where children have access to videos of innocent people getting shot. And also videos of live birth. This is something I DO NOT WANT ACCESS TO. Therefore, it is an easy fix for me to block the account and the weird person running it. (But there’s always that one person who shares a tear-jerker or gag-inducing video on Facebook, there’s no escaping that exposure).


However, for me at least, blocking someone because you simply don’t like them is an entirely different story.

Listen, I know I’ve burned a few bridges. I’m eighteen years old and I’m a human being, forgive my faults. But when you stooped low enough to personally attempt to remove me from your life by blocking my social media, it’s almost laugh-worthy (but the sad, pitiable kind, not the fun kind).

Not to sound like a girl from the movies, but did you really think you could get rid of me that easily? What could I have possibly done to offend you so deeply? Trust me, I don’t post obscene pictures, tweet offensive or derogatory statements, or even judge on social media (but behind closed doors, that’s another story). I post pictures of flowers and my dogs, tweet about my family, and share my writing with the world. But if you need protection from that, and whatever feelings I stir inside of you, be my guest, and I apologize for burning your bridge.

Regardless of our past, history, memories, (or maybe you don’t even know me and this post is irrelevant to you on a personal level) this piece applies to everyone. We have all been there. I have no hard feelings for the action of attempting to remove me from you life. I want everyone to have happiness, daisies, and rainbows, and if I’m somehow what’s blocking your sunshine, shield yourself at all means.

The only thing I’m trying to comprehend right now, was that if you wanted me out of your life so badly, what brought you back to this page?

I’ll just end with that. Hope all is well!

Yours Personally,

M. Rheinheimer

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