Live on Purpose

Not to say that my posts before were insignificant, but this one is extra significant, as it is my last blog post of 2016. Now to begin, I’m going to go out on a limb here to say 2016 was not a bad year. For me at least.

Me, going out on a concrete limb to peer into the rainy abyss (June 2016).

But then again, I am one person out of millions and billions and universes and galaxies and am also running on two cups of matcha tea and three cups of coffee and am trying to keep it together for this very important post.

Despite how much emphasis I try and put on this, I actually don’t feel that way. Because this day is simply, just another day. Every day is very important to me, because every day is another opportunity  for me to enlighten, open minds, and deliver messages. I enjoy doing all three very much, and through my writing and seventeenth year, I’ve come to realize that life is meant to be lived on purpose.

To summarize my year in five words, (because I know all of you read this blog with the intention of listening to me spew my opinions, thoughts, and feelings) I got my shit together.

Though I didn’t make it onto the NYT bestseller’s rankings, (there’s still plenty of time for that, no worries) I accomplished many goals from my bucket list. I wrote and published my first book. I slowed down. I drove fast. I healed broken relationships. I cut off the negative people. I made new friends. I reached out to those who were lost (sometimes, that meant me). I worshipped. I started doing yoga. I spent my time doing what I loved. I lived with arms wide open. I took some days off. exhausted hours upon hours staring with red-eyes and numb fingers at a screen as I wrote my heart out. I explored the unknown. I took risks. I spoke my mind. I held my tongue. I (tried) to improve my low tolerance/patience levels. I made executive decisions about my future. I prayed. I laughed. I cried (no one warns you how emotionally tough it is to being a teenage girl). I tried new things. I traveled. I ate a lot of sushi. I danced when I felt like it (which was often). I said yes more. I said no more. I did all that I could.

Me, living with arms wide open (March 2016).
Me, taking a risk and standing on the edge of a literal cliff (April 2016).
Me, at yet another high and dangerous place, exploring the unknown (February 2016).

But the most important thing of all that I did in 2016, was that I lived on purpose. Every morning I woke up, rain or shine, and went about my day intentionally knowing that I am here to change the world through the endless words, sentences, and pages I create, not bitch about how tough life is. People complain too much. The only thing complaining does is show those around that you are not in control, and this year, I learned that I like the feeling of being in control.

Though this very important post turned out to be mostly about me and my shit gathering, I always choose to end with a piece of advice. I like to do this because (despite the popular belief that the world revolves around me, it all comes back to you, my dear faithful reader) I would never dare waste my time not running full speed ahead at my calling to help others reevaluate how awesome life is.

My advice to you in this upcoming year is to take control. Grip that damn steering wheel with both hands and white knuckles, because this is your life. Live it on purpose.

Me, living with purpose (and making a mess) in 2016.

Yours forever this year, and many more to come (knock on wood),

Maddie Rheinheimer

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