Lucky Me

In the past two days alone, I’ve found 2 four leaf clovers, 3 heads-up pennies, and saw 1 rainbow. Obviously this had to be some sort of sign, a message that something super-lucky-freaking-awesome was about to happen in my life.


After a few long days of anxiously awaiting my surprise from the heavens, I realized two things. Number one, I am a very antsy person, and have the patience of a sleep-deprived, hungry toddler. Waiting for something to happen felt like watching paint dry. And number two, there was no message.

There was never going to be a message. These symbols of “luck” weren’t some sort of occurring sign. I realized this, because super-lucky-freaking-awesome things happen to me every day, and have been for years.

I’ve run a red light on accident with a cop in the next lane, and didn’t get pulled over.

I’ve left a candle burning the entire night and the house didn’t burn down.

My friends’ mom mistakenly packed two sandwiches the day I forgot my lunch at home.

I’ve made it to a connecting flight gate with a minute and a half to spare.

They once messed up my coffee order and gave me a large instead of a small.

My brother tagged along last minute one night, and ended up having to drive home because I got so lost.

One of my closest friendships began from an accident prank call.

I’ve climbed out the window on the fifth floor to get a better view of the stars, and didn’t injure myself or break anything.

I’ve ripped one of my contacts while driving, but not until I pulled into the driveway after a long road trip.

Maybe I’ve just been in the right place at the right time, or my guardian angels are good at their job. Call it fortune, call it fate, call it blessings.

All I know, is that I am already an extremely lucky person, and don’t need to win the lottery or find a four leaf clover to realize it. Every day that I get to take another breath in, is already my lucky day.


Maddie Rheinheimer

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