Call Me Maybe

I am the worst responder ever.

To all of my friends who read this blog- number one, thank you, you’re awesome. And number two, I’m sure you are nodding your head at the truth of this statement. You guys are lucky if you get a reply from me once every 6 hours or so.

I usually only respond immediately to my mother, because otherwise she assumes the worse (i.e: I got kidnapped) and calls me on repeat until my phone crashes.

It’s not that I don’t receive the messages, I do. I just don’t usually feel the urgency to text back immediately.

In our generation, this is a sin.

We are so connected to our phones, that they have even taken over our relationships. Nowadays, 90% of conversations are over text, snapchat, or some form of messaging. I think this fact SUCKS. Because people suddenly grow a lot more ballsy when it comes to typing out a sentence rather than speaking it. The words people use in person are a whole lot different than over text.

Therefore, we suddenly find ourselves texting and snap chatting people who we say less than two words to when we see them in person.

And this is a downright obsession to our generation, staying in nonstop communication with each other.

“Why didn’t you snapchat me back?”

“You ended our streak” (A snapchat reference:

“I know you read my message.”

“Are you mad at me?”

To answer your question: I did not snap chat you back because I have my hair up and spaghetti sauce on my face. I apologize for ending our meaningless streak, which is literally nothing more than a number on a screen. I did read your message, good observation. And nope. Not mad. Just busy. And sick of having to waste time staring at my phone.


There is not enough time in the day to kick ass and respond to fourteen snapchats, two Twitter mentions, a Facebook message, twenty four new emails, and thirty eight missed messages. If you can handle all of that and still manage to be productive, I salute you, you rock.

So to all of you people out there reading this sentence and wondering why I have time to write an entire post and not message you back, all I can say is you’re not alone… And I deeply apologize if my silent response offended you in any way, I still cherish our friendship, just not our snap streak.

Call me if you need me.

Maddie Rheinheimer

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