Grilled Eggs

Today, we got six inches of snow, with winds gusting up to 50 mph.

Our dog, Rosie.

Welcome to Nebraska.

We obviously did not have school, and therefore had a whole day to spend our time however we desired.

Last night, I made an entire schedule of how my day would go, and had at least a dozen things I wanted to get done. I was pumped, like a tired mom of five whose kids go away to summer camp for a week. I had all this free time on my hands, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

However, God sometimes laughs at us and our silly little plans. He gives us what He knows is best, which is not always what we want, much like a child asking for the fifth cupcake.

That being said, when I opened my eyes this morning at 9, and discovered the power was out, I was not a happy camper.

I angrily stomped downstairs, and began to complain to my mom about how I couldn’t print any of my papers, do my online homework, make scrambled eggs, or even workout, because our exercise room was pitch black.

She told me to make the best of it, and I reminded her that I am a moody teenage girl by having a mental breakdown in the middle of our kitchen. I just really wanted scrambled eggs.

By noon, I was freaking out. “Why me?” I shook my fist in the air and cursed.

But I couldn’t trick myself into thinking that life was unfair, because I was still wrapped in a cozy blanket in my bed instead of at school.

A sudden burst of determination flew through me, and I got an idea.

Actually, it was my mom’s idea, but I went along with it. During one of my three mental breakdowns of the morning, she said that she could make me scrambled eggs on our grill.

I continued to cry and said how stupid that idea was and that it would never work and that I would just starve myself until the power came back on.

Yes, I was in that bad of a mood.

But at noon, the hunger and the freezing house had gotten to me, and we headed outside in our jackets and boots to fry up some eggs on the grill.


And you know what? They were freaking amazing.

As my spirits lifted, and I ate my grilled eggs, the lights flickered. In a dramatic, strong surge, the power came back on.

Even though my eggs were already cooked, I had made the best of the situation. Well, sort of. I actually came unglued several times throughout the morning, and my mom just pieced me together.

Moral of the story (besides the fact that mom’s are awesome): The universe has plans for you. You will not understand them at first, and they may even interrupt yours. But His plan is greater than yours. Always.

When life gives you a heatless stove, make scrambled eggs on the grill.

Yours truly,

Maddie Rheinheimer

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