The Art Show

Twice a day, we get a personal invitation to the most spectacular art show in all of the world.

The color’s are blended with such precision, the hues perfected by the handy craft of only the most skillful.

The artist is known by all, but only familiar to some.


The sky will forever be my favorite work, because every morning and night, a new set of colors is thrown across the canvas.

These colors change with every second, and never stay for long.

But the best part about this show, is that it is available to all. There are no limitations when it comes to who is allowed and who isn’t to view the greatest masterpiece of all time.

My mother was the one who taught me to always look up, and that in the fifteen minutes you spend watching the sky change colors drastically, you have the ability to watch something that you will never see again.


Every problem of the day, every spilled cup, missed call, late assignment, worry, doubt, or insecurity can be forgotten if you take the time to watch the sun sink over the horizon.

Because no matter if you wrecked your car, ruined a relationship, or burned the entire pan of cookies, the sun will be back.

It will rise again in the morning. And you will have the opportunity to lose yourself in the beauty of the greatest art show your eyes have ever seen, and to overlook the insignificant details that give you wrinkles.

Life is good.



Maddie Rheinheimer

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