Mind Your Own

Don’t get me wrong, I love people.

No one could do what they were put on this earth to accomplish without them: they’re a necessary part of life. They bring us laughter, joy, hope, faith, love. They help us when we need it most. They watch out for us, protect us, shelter us from the storm

Heck, a person out there created the doughnut, one of the most classic, delicious, sugary foods to exist.

Bless you, doughnut man.


But gosh damn. People need to mind their own.

This concept is extremely hard for some to wrap their minds around, clearly.

The thing is, you’re taught growing up to be concerned about your friends. Don’t let them do stupid things, like dye their hair, run outside in a snow storm naked, or get married to their girlfriend of nineteen days.

Sometimes, the concern is appreciated, but not needed.

I greatly appreciate the fact that you think I am too *enter word such as but not limited to: skinny, fat, bitchy, nice, slutty, over-sensitive, anxious, controlling etc*. The thought has probably crossed my mind more than a few times, and your deep worry about my well being does nothing to help the situation.

See, everybody is fighting their own battles.

Maybe with themselves.

Their significant others.

Their parents.

Their bosses.

Their lawyers.

You never know who/what they’re dealing with, and by voicing your opinion about their lifestyle, you are making their conditions worse, not better.

So mind your own.

Give support when asked.

Don’t marry your girlfriend of nineteen days.

Go out and buy a doughnut.


Maddie Rheinheimer




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