Windows of Our Souls

A wise person once explained that “eyes are the window to the soul.”

This can go both ways. When you stare deeply into one’s eyes, you can supposedly see into their soul, who they really are. That being said, when you look out of your eyes, (duh) we are seeing by using not only our physical eyeballs, pupils, the whole shebang- but also with our souls.

Our soul affects our outlook on life.

I know what you’re thinking, and I can explain: “Oh my gosh, Maddie is high right now.”

I am, in fact, not high at the moment, just wanted to share a secret.

This post just keeps getting better and better.

To start out, I am extremely blind. Like the kind of blind where your glasses fall off your face and you have to spend two hours feeling up your floor to find them.

Like most things in life, I got bored with glasses extremely quickly, and begged my parents to let me get contacts. I was in sixth grade, overweight, and had terrible acne.

The least I could do was take away the nerd glasses.

And that’s how I ended up with two tiny films in my eyes.

But then, alas! I became bored with those as well. I wanted something new, fresh, modern. I was always changing my appearance back then, between bright blue eyeliner, a crazy messy hairdos, or an interesting shirt that shouldn’t be worn by fourteen year old girls.

Ahh, the good old days.

I thought, if I can change everything else, why can’t I change my eye color?

So I did.

With the help of contacts, I went from being brown eyed to blue eyed in seconds.

I loved it, I loved my eyes, and I have been switching my eye colors every few months since then.

However, in the process, I realized something.

People do not look other people in the eyes. It’s depressing, really.

I’ll wear my big, bright blue contacts for months, and suddenly one day a girl at school will say, “Wow! You have very pretty eyes! They’re so blue.”

And these things aren’t subtle either, guys. They’re definitely noticeable, and you can actually see the pixels of color if you look hard enough.

I see these people every single day, sometimes even more than once a day. And yet, they don’t notice my eyes for months, or even ever.

But, my eyes are not my secret.

It’s not like I’m trying to change my appearance and blow everyone’s mind at the color of my eyes. I just like to shake things up a bit.

And for that reason above, I already know enough about a person upon our first few minutes together.

There have been people, who within seconds of meeting me, have recognized the fact that my eyes are extremely unnaturally blue, and commented on them immediately.

These are the people I want in my life, because I know that they’re going somewhere.

With my fake big blue eyes, I can stare into their soul, while they take the time to actually notice the small things in life.

The overall lesson: Pay attention to details, people. You never know what you might notice while actually using your eyes.

Yours truly,

Maddie Rheinheimer


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