Debbie Downer

It’s your lucky day, because I am writing yet another post! Get used to it though, because 2016 is the year I make it on the NY Times Bestseller’s list, as one of the youngest authors in history.

Therefore, I am going to be writing A LOT. To all of you future aspiring writers out there, I only have one piece of advice for you: keep writing. It’s crucial for your career to never stop voicing your infinite thoughts, so put that pen to paper, or fingers to keys in my case.

And on this lovely day nearing the end of December, I am going to give you a helpful hint about life.

Because of course, seventeen year old’s know all there is to know about life. Listen up, and take notes.

Urges can be good, urges can be bad. An urge is a thirst, an impulse, a wish, a craving.

Just what your soul urges for is the issue we’re dealing with here, people.

Sometimes, I desire to punch an annoying person in the face.

Sometimes, I desire to eat the entire pan of brownies.

Sometimes, I desire to delete all social media, turn off my phone, shut the blinds, and live in a land away from society and human beings.

But, I also have a passion for good things.

I desire to be a bestselling author.

I desire to go to the college of my dreams, which has yet to be discovered.

I desire to live in a house always bathed in sunshine, with chandeliers and a floor to ceiling shoe wall.

What consumes your mind, controls you life. Whatever object, long lost lover, place, flavor of cake, whatever your poison may be, you are the one who picks it, sometimes subconsciously.

I’ve seen lives fall apart by the sad, broken, mean, jealous, petty urges people get. They focused on the negative, and that became their own little reality. It’s all a simple mindset, that you are the author of your story, not your parents, your friends, or the stranger you met at the bar.Unknown

I’m sick of these people dragging us down. Debbie Downer is so 2004. I’m sure you could list a few of these folks in your own lives, who believe the world is out to get them, everything is unfair, they’re a victim, they’re overweight, they have acne, and that they just overall suck.

This is the mindset they have created for themselves.

Can you make a guess who will be forty years old, and spending Saturday night alone with their pet hamsters, drinking box wine and crying over a rerun of Glee?

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality. Choose to focus on the desire that includes a shoe wall. Or better yet, a closet that has a shoe wall AND a chandelier.

Dream big. Avoid the Debby Downer’s of your life like the plague. Write your story exactly how you want it. The pen is in your hand.

Peace & Blessings, kids.

Maddie Rheinheimer

(BTW: If you haven’t ever watched a ‘Debbie Downer’ skit, I’d highly recommend you waste a few minutes surfing Youtube, because it’s hilariously painful).




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