How I Came To Own Three Fish

As the title allures, I had an adventurous day.

My adventure began with a conversation at the dinner table last night. Family dinner is something my family does often, and a tradition I hope to carry on. Many laughs, memories, spilled glasses, and sometimes offensive comments are exchanged at the dinner table.

As we all leaned back in our chairs, unbuttoning our jeans trying to forget the number of calzones we just consumed, I brought up the conversation topic of pets.

Over the years, we’ve had quite a few animals pass through the house, sometimes by accident, but mostly on purpose, fueled by a passionate “PLEASE MOM WE NEED ONE”.

The list includes a few hamsters, couple guinea pigs, a baby robin, two doves, two frogs, a pair of pigeons, a mouse, two ducks (named Laverne and Shirley), six dogs, four chickens, and a plethora of fish.

We exchanged stories of these pets, and either the joy or trouble they brought to the family. And by family, I mostly mean my mother, as she is the one who changes the tanks or cleans the cages. (Remember, mothers have super human strength and willpower).

Now you have to understand, I know how to play my cards.

Therefore, when I asked my dad if we could get a micro pig (the super tiny ones that walk around your house in a diaper) I knew exactly what I was getting into.

The boys and my mother backed me up, and started chanting “PIG! PIG! PIG!”

To which my dad responded with a hearty “nope”.

I waited for the family to quiet down, and then I played my winning card, an idea that had randomly popped into my head mid-bite of my veggie calzone: I described how badass a fish tank would make our kitchen. It would be the perfect addition, and could entertain not only us, but guests.

The boys jumped at the idea, and my mom agreed it would be pretty neat.

My dad was just happy that it wasn’t a micro pig, and said halfheartedly, “fine”.

And so, to finish the tale, my mother and I went to the pet store, dropped  $86.54 on a sensational tank, a coliseum for them to swim through, multiple aquatic plants, and of course, three fish.


I am going to go stare at them for another couple hours, and admire my completely unplanned decision.

Sometimes you have to just go for it, people, even if your idea gets shot down. With just the right amount of charm, pleading, and smooth wits, you too could come to spontaneously own three fish.


Maddie Rheinheimer

P.S-The fish were dutifully named Gill, Finn, and Swim Kardashian.



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