A Star In The Making

When we’re younger, we all see ourselves living the dream. We picture ourselves in a big white house with flowers in the yard, a fast car in the driveway, a crystal clear pool, with a couple of adorable dogs running around. Or maybe that’s just my dream…

Most of us have similar dreams of success, but don’t think to consider the fact that you can start working towards your big white house today. Yes. Right now.

You may stop and say, “Well wait a second, Maddie. I am 15 years old, still in high school, and living with my parents. How am I supposed to be able to afford a bunch of dogs?”

Here’s how. Stop thinking that it’s out of your reach. It’s not. You are absolutely capable of anything. It’s going to take some work, time, and lost sleep, but you can do it.

Esma Ilyas knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The 18 year old New Yorker started making string bracelets and miscellaneous jewelry as a young girl. Growing up, she would sell them to her friends, family, or even to willing buyers at the beach. Last summer, Esma made a pearl choker, and wore it everywhere. After getting numerous compliments, she got an idea.

All dreams begin with a “what if.” And if you want something bad enough, you take the chance.

Esma thought, “What if I made a bunch of pearl chokers and sold them online?”

And that’s exactly what she did. 368db8e4ea77a763d9ff1252496f4a38_grande

After more and more necklaces were being sold, she took her “what if” idea and went one step farther. She added a variety of colors and styles, and watched as her business took off.

Now, almost a year later, Esma’s business “Stargaze Jewelry” is shipped worldwide and has over 150 products being sold daily. In a month from now, she and her team are planning on opening a little shop in her local mall.

With orders being processed every hour, and over 100,000 followers on social media, Esma never dreamed she would be where she is today.

Even though she is extremely busy with making and distributing jewelry worldwide, Esma still tries to be a “normal” 18 year old. She just finished her first two semesters of college, and is taking the year off to continue to grow the business. She plans on returning after this year however, and getting her degree.

Esma may have made her dream a reality, but she didn’t do it alone. Her family fully supports her and does whatever it takes to get the jewelry made and delivered on time. Her mother even takes days off to contribute to the work. She’s hired her sister, close friends, and others willing to help with shipping, packing, and handling inventory at the shop.

In the future, she is hoping to open stores in malls across the United States, and is planning on coming out with tons of new designs and styles. 9215c046af8310d5cf6abbc017450734_grandeEsma started out with a passion for jewelry, and her life has drastically changed ever since asking herself, “What if?”

She highly encourages everyone to ask themselves that question, saying,

If anyone wants to ever start their own business, for freedom, independence, ownership or more – I suggest you do it! I never knew I would EVER come this far, so imagine how you could too!

Your idea could be something huge to the world, and have a big impact on someone’s life! You never know where life can take you, and you only live one time, so I say give it a try, and if it doesn’t succeed at first, it will in the end.

So if you’re still telling yourself that you could never own a big white house, or a bunch of dogs, go back and read what I just wrote. You CAN. All you have to do is take a chance.

With a little faith, help, and hard work, you could be the next star in the making.


Maddie Rheinheimer

(The link to Esma’s website is below!)images


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