Being a Mom Means…

Mom’s basically run the world. They are the backbone, the support that we seek. Behind every hero is a mom who stood with them the whole way.

A mom is like a best friend, who cooks you food and cleans the house.

A mom is the one person who you can call late at night and complain about your crappy day.

A mom is someone who brings you Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream when you’re crying.

What in the holy heck would we do without them?! To me, being a mom is the most important job in the world. But what exactly does it mean to be a mom?


Being a mom means…

Falling asleep in a toddler sized bed with a snoring child draped across you.

Eating whatever is left, or sometimes nothing.

Checking the baby monitor every two minutes.

Watching “Dancing With the Stars” with a glass of wine at midnight.

Freezing your ass off while watching your kid kick a ball around.

Buying crunchy Cheetos even though you hate crunchy Cheetos.

Having to leave the hair salon halfway through getting your hair colored because your child threw up at school.

Washing off whatever the dog rolled in today.

Getting three and a half hours of sleep.

Attempting to cover up the multiple pee-stains in the carpet.

Finding the toy soldier you sucked up in the vacuum months ago.

Having to modify your explicit vocabulary. (Unless needed).

Chewing out your kid’s teacher, because they deserve way more than a C+ on the project that you did.

Stepping on the Legos you told them to pick up last week.

Buying your daughter $300 dollars worth of clothes, and hiding the receipt from Dad.IMG_0397

Flipping off the a-hole who just cut you off, as if he doesn’t know your son is fifteen minutes late to practice.

Always having an extra bag of frozen peas to use as ice.

Washing jerseys the morning of the game.

Singing loudly when you pick your kids up from school.

Having to make three different dinners, because your children are picky eaters.

Telling your daughter how ugly her ex-boyfriend was to make her feel better.

Always having a jar of weeds that the kids thought were flowers on the kitchen table.

Waking up and finding the dog ate your Uggs.

Sitting in a doctor’s office full of sneezing three year olds, only to find out that yours isn’t even sick.

Having to watch yet another Pixar film, even though the new Brad Pitt movie just came out.

Constantly finding fruit snacks in places they don’t belong. (Under the couch, in your husband’s shoes, the dogs’ ear).

Getting thrown up on in the grocery store and having to proceed shopping.

Texting your child careful instructions on how to fake sick so you can avoid an awkward situation.

Finding a Barbie in the fridge.

Loving your kids, no matter how many times you want to strangle them.

So this is for all the Mom’s out there, thank you. Thank you for putting up with all the shit over the years. We wouldn’t be who we are today if it wasn’t for you.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Xoxo-


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