Journal Writing Prompt #151

I’ve been itching to write more. More than I already do. I just have too much to say. I’ve been looking into writing programs and classes, extra tips online, journalism prompts, anything I can find.

So starting today, I found a website ( that has 180 journal prompts for teachers to use for an English or Writing class.

And now, I am writing daily in response to the prompts. Some may wind up on here, and some may just sit in my laptop, waiting to be rediscovered someday.

I liked this prompt, and decided to post it:

151.  How do you know someone loves you, even if he or she doesn’t say it?

The word “love” is such a peculiar thing. It can be expressed in many different ways, other than by simply saying it.

But I feel that it is misused. We just LOVE that caramel mocha latte from Starbucks. We LOVE to watch Grey’s Anatomy all day. We LOVE that new shirt that Jenny wore today.

But are we using this powerful, mighty word in the correct way? My mother “strongly dislikes” when someone uses the word “hate”. She thinks that hate is too strong of a word to describe someone or something.

So then why are we using the word “love” to describe something we simply “strongly like”? You can LOVE a person, a place, or sometimes even a thing.

But be careful what you love.

Enough about the word, how do we feel that we are loved? I believe that you know it immediately. It’s a warm feeling. Like the first time you ever felt hot sand run through your fingers. Love can also be a refreshing feeling. It can take your blistery, stressful life, and dip it in a bucket of ice water. Knowing that you’re loved can impact the way you function. Everyone deserves to love, and be loved in return.

Love is looking at someone and smiling because the color of their eyes makes you happy.

It’s wanting to buy them every flavor of Skittles in the world, because they mentioned one time that they liked the candy.

If someone loves you, you catch them looking at you, and look away when you notice.

If someone loves you, they’ll brush your hair out of your face, and act like nothing happened, even though you swear you felt sparks on your forehead.

Even if they don’t say the words “I love you”, their eyes will give it away. The eyes can’t keep secrets. They’re the one part of you that doesn’t change. The skin around them might get droopy, wrinkly, but the color of your eyes remains. And so does the shine. I’m sure you’ve seen a couple in public, who look like they just got cavities filled and are high on Nitrous oxide. Yep. That’s how you know they’re in love.

The word “love” doesn’t ever have to be said, even though it’s a nice reminder. It’s felt, it’s heard, and most of all, it’s seen.


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