Some days I wake up with enough motivation to climb a mountain. Other days, I wake up, roll over, and hit snooze

Some days I want to say “hi, how are ya?” to every single person in the hallway. Other days, I walk with my eyes fixed to the wall ahead, trying to get to class ASAP.

Some days I eat seven sandwiches, a family size bag of Lays, and an extra large ice cream cone for lunch. Other days, I eat nothing.

My parents call me “fickle”. If you aren’t familiar with the word,

  1. changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.

Yep. They hit that nail right on the head.

I’ve been so-called “fickle”, ever since I could remember. One time, I had an obsession with these little animal toys. They were plastic, had huge eyes, and could fit in the palm of your hand. The animals had a magnet in their left front paw, and this allowed them to stick to surfaces.

I thought these things were the shit.

I made my mom buy at least a dozen, and stuck them all to the fridge, causing a shower of plastic dogs and cats every time someone needed to grab the milk.

But lo and behold, a week and a half later, I stopped jumping out of my chair to rescue my pets from under the fridge. I had lost interest, and soon moved on to Play Doh. Then Bratz dolls. Then Barbie. And so on, and so on, the list continues.

By the time I was a teenager, I had about nine and a half boxes of toys underneath my bed. The storage containers were so full that the lids barely snapped on. I felt pretty guilty for the excess of toys, but at the same time I was glad when we gave them to the local shelter.

As I mentioned before, my mood changes faster than a fat kid running for the last doughnut.

I get this characteristic from my mother. My dad has a nickname for her- Spin. He says this because she will be the most up-beat, “let’s go get ice cream” kind of person at 10 am, and by noon she is all business. But her mood swings make her who she is, and they were apparently passed down to yours truly.


I like to look at it this way.

I am unsteady sometimes. I change moods and interests and feelings every other minute. But I hang on to the stable things in life.

My family.

My Savior.

My passion for writing.

Point being, even if your life is a rip-roaring hurricane of changes, cling to the stable things. After all of the interests fade, these things remain.

Learn to embrace the changes, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


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