Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes in this crazy thing we call life, we get a little lost. Caught in a trap of darkness, sadness, isolation. Might last an hour, maybe a day, could even be a month. But your job is to find the light. Find your way out of the dark, even if that means you bump into a few walls with arms outstretched.

Whenever I feel the darkness start to smother me, I try to think of at least three happy things. And today, I’ve decided that I am going to list as many as I can think of, in case you ever need a reason to smile.

1. Green grass.

2. Cute old couples.

3. Getting my nails done.

4. Going to church.

5. Dani.

6. Early morning flights.

7. Friday’s.

8. French fries,

9. The ocean.

10. Tight hugs.

11. Jeans that fit just right.

12. Concerts.

13. The color pink.

14. Sunsets.

15. Sunrises.

16. Handwritten letters.

17. Bouquets of flowers.

18. Art shows.

19. Christmas trees.

20. Laughing until you cry.

21. Book stores.

22. The last bell of school.

23. Weddings.

24. The Boston Red Sox.

25. Warm clothes out of the dryer.

26. Jimmy John’s.

27. Good hair days.

28. Church on Sunday morning.

29. Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about.

30. Hitting every green light.

31. Beyoncé.

32. Friday night football games.

33. Seeing someone for the first time in a long time.

34. The color blue.

35. Bonfires.

36. The Breakfast Club.

37. Fireworks.

38. Pancakes with syrup.

39. My Grandma.

40. Sliding on hardwood floors with socks on.

41. Snow days.

42. Seeing a cute baby in public.

43. Getting compliments on my writing.

44. Popping bubble wrap.

45. Green tea.

46. Pinterest.

47. The Office.

48. Popsicles in the summer.

49. Hot Chocolate in the winter.

50. Sleeping on clean sheets.

51. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

52. Watching someone do something they love.

53. Kids’ doodles.

54. Hearing someone say, “I love you.”

55. My mom.

56. The desert.

57. The smell of rain on pavement.

58. Driving fast with the windows down.

59. The smell of brownies baking.

60. Leaving the waiter/waitress a big tip.

61. Late night calls.

62. The stars.

63. Any Disney movie.

64. Having a substitute teacher.

65. Candles.

66. Baseball.

67. Naps.

68. The sound of a creek.

69. Your favorite song on the radio.

70. My boyfriend.

71. Getting an A on a test.

72. Messy hair.

73. Laying in a hammock.

74. Going fishing.

75. Getting voicemails.

76. The moon.

77. New beginnings.

78. Inspiring someone.

79. Dancing.

80. Mac & Cheese.

81. Having a full tank of gas.

82. Any kind of baby animal.

83. Knowing that you impacted someone’s life positively.

84. The color yellow.

85. Hearing good news.

86. Going on a date.

87. The sun.

88. Kenny Chesney.

89. Jean shorts.

90. Tennis.

91. Fireflies.

92. Children’s laughter.

93. Lilly Pulitzer.

94. Knowing you are loved.

95. Kid President.

96. Hot tubs.

97. Sunflowers.

98. Hearing from the one person you miss most.

99. Dreams.

100. Knowing that you have the ability to make someone happy.


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