Dance Barefoot in the Rain

If you’ve never sat outside on your porch or opened your window during a storm, you’re missing out my friend. Raindrops are one of the most beautiful sounds I can think of.

I have been eagerly awaiting this rainfall all day. The meteorologists predicted a major thunderstorm for our area tonight. And they didn’t let me down. This is the first official storm of 2015 for us, and I’m excited. April showers bring May flowers, and the rain beating on the roof above me right now means that we have began the slippery slope to summer.

When I was just a little, trouble-making kid, I used to run outside in the middle of a storm. I would laugh, and spin around in circles with my face to the gray sky. My mom usually dashed after me into the downpour, and snatched me up before I got struck by lightning. But somedays, I was sneaky about my outings, and would shut the door quietly behind me as I sprinted through the mud. I made an effort to jump in every puddle. I would shake low hanging branches of trees and stand underneath the rain-soaked leaves. By the time my poor mother would get to me, my blonde hair was dripping wet, and my clothes were stuck to my skin.

I loved the feeling, still do actually, of raindrops touching my skin, even though it left me looking like a wet rat. But I was a happy little wet rat.

In a valiant attempt to avoid this trending “wet-rat” look, my mom bought me a green raincoat that had a frog on the hood. It was adorable. She also found matching boots and an umbrella, all with the little frog on them. They were expensive too, I remember that much. But low and behold, as soon as I heard the first crack of thunder or saw rain streaking down my window, I was out that door before I could even remember my green frog boots, let alone grab a jacket.

Sometimes I wish I was still that age. The age where it is publicly acceptable to drop everything and run through the downpour. Sadly, the older you get, the more crazy you look. But maybe that is okay. Remember, storms don’t last forever. Take advantage of them when you get the chance. Dance barefoot in the rain every once in a while.


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