Master of the Shopping Cart

UnknownWhen I was younger, I dreamed about growing up. About the day when I could get in my fancy convertible car, drive real fast, and go to the mall to buy all the endless outfits that I lusted after. Apparently, the money magically appeared out of thin air, because in these dreams, I never really considered where it came from. What a great feeling that is, to not have to worry about money. Or anything for that matter. Oh, to be a child untouched by the reality of the world. All I really cared about was my hot ride, and cute outfits.

Today, I went grocery shopping. This is not an exciting feat, nor is it the first time I have done so. But today, I actually got the majority of the things on the list! I consider this an accomplishment. I usually get a little sidetracked while shopping, and end up coming out with 14 bags when I went into the store to get a gallon of milk and some carrots. You can imagine my mother’s surprise when I show up at the house with the right items and only them. Of course, maybe another reason I didn’t get sidetracked today was because I had a little help. My best guy friend was with me, and I guarantee you’ll hear more about him in the future. Anyways, as we were pushing the cart through the isles (allow me to rephrase that, was pushing the cart, he was finding things & making me laugh), I thought, “hey. is this what being grown up feels like?” You don’t see many eight year olds grocery shopping, and I consider this normal task one that adults do. My mom does it at least 5 times a week, and she’s become a master of maneuvering a shopping cart through the store with one hand, while talking into the phone and knocking items off shelves with the other. That is a skill I can say I would like to have, it’s a “mom talent”.

But as I was walking through the store and laughing at something goofy he had said (I think he mentioned something about eating dog food..), I realized that maybe growing up isn’t all I dreamed it was. I mean, now I have to worry about money. Newsflash people, it doesn’t just appear. And you can’t spend it all on cute outfits. It’s a true bummer. You have to actually buy legit things, like crackers, tea, and Little Debbie Brownies. Bills and taxes drain the bank as well. Let’s not forget that my dream convertible doesn’t run by itself..

Now I look back and think.. why? That dream wasn’t the most realistic, even though it was fun to think about. Why was I so rushed to get in the driver’s seat? Why was I in any hurry to partake in being classified as an adult? Of course, I am by no means classified as that. I am a 16 year old child who wears two different socks and eats Lucky Charms cereal in my bed. And for now, I am perfectly okay with that. But I am also secretly working on that “mom talent” of becoming a master of the shopping cart.

-xoxo, Maddie

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